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Report: Social Media Challenging Traditional Media Universal McCann has released a new report on the impact of social media (such as blogs, social networks, online video) on the media landscape. It surveyed 17,000 Internet users worldwide in March 2008. (tags:

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How We Use Twitter for Journalism (tags: journalism twitter)

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Et si les médias traditionnels laissaient tomber le web… An interesting article about the many attempts of traditional media to switch to the web despite a complete lack of vision. (tags: press media journalism web)

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Zazzle custom t-shirts and more, create or shop for unique designs shipped in 24 hours (tags: web2.0 e-commerce t-shirts custom shopping) Start Pages: The Next Social Networks (tags: igoogle api social socialnetworking opensocial portal) Encyclopedia Britannica Now Free For Web

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Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus. Free access. (tags: Dictionary reference english portal)

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Web Worker Daily » Archive The Twitter Ecosystem « (tags: twitter) » Bientôt le ‘visual search engine’ sur iPhone vipr visual search engine for the i-phone (tags: vipr iphone search+engine search) Quotidien Durable – Développement Durable – – L’agriculture

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21st Century Learning Initiative | The 21st Century Learning Initiative: Promoting a Vision, Knowledge, Experience and a Network (tags: education future ideas) MIT’s (Free) Introduction to Physics | Open Culture he course covers the foundations of modern physics, which

links for 2008-04-12 » Yahoo! se lance dans l’analyse d’audience en rachetant IndexTools (tags: stats analytics yahoo piwik phpmyvisites)

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Why We Need Web Apps on the Desktop There are two main reasons for why desktop access for web apps is important: * It will actually help make web apps more popular. * Running a ton of apps in the

The Shift Movie

Just stumbled on this via while reading my daily feeds. Now… That really speaks to me: a film made by collective forces for the collectivity to make things actually change. The idea is just so inspiring… It makes me

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