Month: March 2008

BBC Internet Blog – BBC UX 2.0 Found via Headshift (tags: bbc ux webdesign interface)

Social Tools Go to Work…Facebook, MySpace, Netvibes, iGoogle, and More in the Enterprise WorkLightâ„¢ Inc. develops and markets a line of server products that consumerize the corporate computing experience, by making popular consumer services like iGoogle, MS Live, Netvibes, and …

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Manageability – Open Source Workflow Engines Written in Java (tags: workflow java opensource)

Hi, I just signed an urgent petition calling on the Chinese government to respect human rights in Tibet and  dialogue with the Dalai Lama. This is really important, and I thought you might want to take action: After nearly …

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Daesign – E-learning, compétences comportementales, pédagogie interactive, simulation de dialogue Avatar based e-learning solution by a company based in Annecy (tags: ux web2.0 interface hmi avatar e-learning)

Understanding abandonment – how thoughtful ‘checkout’ design pays dividends Obvious shopping behaviour patterns almost never modeled as use cases (tags: e-commerce ux usability webdesign)

Sacks_Hirsch_Editorial.pdf (Objet application/pdf) A Neurology of Belief or how human beings are wired to [accept appearances as reality until they prove otherwise.] (tags: atheism religion science neuroscience)

Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business (tags: free wired internet strategy)

Welcome to Skyros Island’s website (tags: travel skyros) Skiros : Planning a Trip | (tags: travel skyros) Evia and The Islands of Sporades (tags: travel skyros) Bienvenue! Hotel Beis Kimi, Evia GHIX à  votre service Hotels in Kimi …

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A new excellent video by the Common Craft Show: Twitter in Plain English. Fantastic, as usual! See my previous post on this topic.

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