About me

Alan Vonlanthen (2009)


Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Alan. I was born in Geneva in 1971 and I currently live in Lausanne, Switzerland.

I used to manage digital communication projects in the daytime and do science communication at night.

My new challenge is to merge both expertises into one new company : Big Bang Science Communication, a Digital Communication Agency / Brand Consultancy dedicated to the scientific community.

What is this blog about?

Not much, really. Though I do post a thought, a rant or a link every now and again, this blog is mainly intended as a hub to my digital presence.
Here is where you will actually find me:

» www.BigBangScience.ch, my new company

» www.podcastscience.fm, my science communication radio show & blog

» Facebook

» Twitter

» Google+

» Linkedin

» Xing / Viadeo

» My resume in English

» Mon CV en français

» Work Experience Certificates and usual documents / Certificats de Travail et documents usuels (PDF, 17 Mo)

See you soon!