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Attending the 6th International Event of Publicité Romande (post2)

Talk #4: Jean-Paul Chapon, Alcatel-Lucent: Intranet 2.0 Good talk about the cultural changes in the enterprise if it choses to go 2.0. Communication is no longer a corporate issue: it’s up to all the employees to take part (internal UGC,

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Attending the 6th International Event of Publicité Romande (post1)

Notes on the run… 1. Intro by @vmarchand. Excellent, short, straight to the point: 2.0 is no longer a gadget. Either you understand it or your out of the race! 2. First talk by @jonworth from techPolitics. Kind of  sets the

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J'ai joué les ubergeek sur

Pas encore écouté, un peu peur d’ailleurs, ça devait bafouiller ferme… Autant je me sentais relax avant que l’émission ne démarre, autant le live m’a stressé. Et quand je stresse, ce qui est malheureusement le cas la plupart du temps,

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Flattr: a "long tail" business model to pay for downloaded content?

A long-tail micro-payment system invented by the co-founder of The Pirate Bay to  pay authors and artists for their downloadable files: That sounds both very smart and slightly ironic, doesn’t it? I don’t know if this is THE next business

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Just installed WordPress 2.9.1

Loads of stuff still not working: smtp and a couple of widgets (google reader, delicious and twitter), but I don’t mind, I’m going to bed… The back-end is brilliant! Getting better and better at each release…

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The Shift Movie

Just stumbled on this via while reading my daily feeds. Now… That really speaks to me: a film made by collective forces for the collectivity to make things actually change. The idea is just so inspiring… It makes me

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Twitter in Plain English

A new excellent video by the Common Craft Show: Twitter in Plain English. Fantastic, as usual! See my previous post on this topic.

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Download French Wine with the revolutionary USB wine technology

Yet another fantastic buzz marketing operation. This one is for Found via Headshift

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kitkat's ultimate break

A brilliant piece of buzz marketing Break Ultime (Found via rMen’s Blog)

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The fairy who bends over the Swiss web workers' cradle

Ever heard of Sandrine Szabo and her web portal Well if you haven’t, you’re either not a web professional in the French-speaking Switzerland or you’re working too hard to see what’s going on. I don’t even know exactly why

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