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A "must see" video about motivation: RSA Drive

An absolutely fantastic 10′ video about motivation, money, purpose, management, engagement… It really gets you thinking if you haven’t started already. Via @niptechpodcast

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Jesse Brown: Save the Newspaper!

It says it all, doesn’t it? Via Boingboing

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The Shift Movie

Just stumbled on this via http://www.wethechange.com/ while reading my daily feeds. Now… That really speaks to me: a film made by collective forces for the collectivity to make things actually change. The idea is just so inspiring… It makes me

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Twitter in Plain English

A new excellent video by the Common Craft Show: Twitter in Plain English. Fantastic, as usual! See my previous post on this topic.

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The Commoncraft Show

The Common Craft Show is a series of short explanatory videos produced on our own time. We cover social media and lately, zombies. Just discovered these videos while wandering in the blogosphere… They’re just brilliant: accurate and relevant, somehow profound

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