Year: 2008

links for 2008-12-30

Drachten – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Recently, Drachten received international attention for a traffic experiment known as shared space, a concept pioneered by Hans Monderman. Almost all traffic lights and signs have been removed in the city centre in an

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The State Of The Twittersphere (HubSpot Edition) —70% of Twitter users joined in 2008 —20% of Twitter users have joined in the past 60 days —The average user has been on Twitter 275 days (…) (tags: trends socialmedia twitter microblogging)

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MyConfCall, Votre Conférence Téléphonique Gratuite pour discuter avec tous vos amis en même temps. Via web2pro by Korben (tags: free conference webconferencing webex confcall)

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Top 10 Alternative Search Engines of 2008 (tags: search+engine top10) 2009 Predictions for Web CMS, ECM, Mobile, MOSS and more – CMSWire (tags: trends 2009 analytics wcm cms mobile saas) Mobility® CarSharing – Clients privés – Abonnements [MobiPublic01] (tags: mobility

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5 Exciting Things to Look Forward to in HTML 5 (tags: html5 webdev webDesign) Facebook Growth Explodes, Site Reaches 140 Million Active Users (tags: facebook statistics trends social socialmedia socialnetworking)

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Khan Academy (tags: video online teaching learning tutorial maths)

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WebWorkerDaily » Archive Four Useful Engines for Multiple-Site Searches « Joongel, SearchBoth, Dogpile & Viewzi explained (tags: blogs search search+engine) xBug, un vrai debugger javascript| Webmaster – Ressources et outils gratuits pour votre site internet – Free Tools| Free Tools,

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MediaCoder divx => iphone. Merci Julien 🙂 (tags: free tools iphone video divx converter)

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SEO tools « Exactfactor Via Mathieu Favez (tags: tools seo ranking)

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Top 10 Mobile Web Products of 2008 (tags: mobile top10) Koyote Soft convert wma to mp3 (tags: converter mp3 wma free online) Xconv – Free Online File Conversion:Convert WAV/WMA to MP3,WMA/MP3 to AAC,WMV/AVI to GIF,WORD to PDF… (tags: converter wma