Attending the 6th International Event of Publicité Romande (post1)

Notes on the run…

1. Intro by @vmarchand. Excellent, short, straight to the point: 2.0 is no longer a gadget. Either you understand it or your out of the race!

2. First talk by @jonworth from techPolitics. Kind of  sets the standard, it’s going to be brilliant!

First of all the guy is the webmanager of the Atheist Bus Campaign, respect!

His message to the local entrepreneurs, in short: “Have the 3 following topics in mind”: 1. Where is your audience? 2. Non-engagement is no longer an option! 3. Don’t worry about critique but worry about human ressources”

Of course, as an activist, he mentions the Greenpeace/Nestlé PR disaster, which I was going to mention too… If nobody else mentions it, I wont’ remove it from my talk, but in the contrary, I might have to reconsider a few slides 😉

3. Second talk: Dr Gerlinde Niehus from NATO. Nothing really new if it is that even NATO has understood the power of socialmedia and is doing its best to keep up with the Joneses.

4. Third talk: André Manning, Philips. Actually, I just got this quote “The Days of His Master’s Voice should be over”. I was busy following people for Cross’s Twitter account, for, as @jonworth pinpointed, we weren’t following anybody and that’s not much of neither a dialog nor an example… Do what I say, not as I do, as usual…

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