Attending the 6th International Event of Publicité Romande (post2)

Talk #4: Jean-Paul Chapon, Alcatel-Lucent: Intranet 2.0 Good talk about the cultural changes in the enterprise if it choses to go 2.0. Communication is no longer a corporate issue: it’s up to all the employees to take part (internal UGC, internal (micro-)blogging, internal youtube, everything open to comments. The message I will remember: it has to come from the top.

From adaptation to adoption:

  • Management involvement and support
  • A new relationship with IT: 7000 people on
  • Serendipity also drives the change: no agenda for the “Café wiki” internal communication campaign and it works!
  • Open questions: what does governance mean in a 2.0 environment?

Talk #5: Jürgen Zimmermann, SAP: Internal Communication in Times of the Generation Y

  • Clear separation between controled content (customer pricelists, etc.) and all the rest of the internal content
  • Massive use of wikis (>1’000!) to share information and build internal knowledge
  • Discussion forums. Effective tool: questions@sap
  • Massive use of podcasts for internal training
  • No use of Yammer. Internal tweeting is still experimental, critical mass not yet reached
  • The challenge is to get the critical mass
  • There is no “internal” or “external” anymore
  • Key concept: TRUST YOUR PEOPLE!

Talk #6: Ian McNairn : Online Communication at IBM: Decoding the Digital Revolution

“I am a catalyst between the Decision makers and the technology”.

Going too fast for me to liveblog it, especially as I’m reviewing my talk a last time, but this is absolutely brilliant! I look forward to following @mcnairn on Twitter

My turn next, I’m starting to sweat… See you later!

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