Day: February 7, 2008

Lift08 – Thursday PM

Won’t be attending this afternoon. Too much work waiting for me at the office. I’ll try and make it to the fondue though.

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Lift08 – Express notes on Paul Dourish

Paul Dourish (UC Irvine) On interaction between ethnography and design. (really experiencing trouble with wi-fi, firefox and wordpress 🙁 ) In short: ethnography IS relevant for design. Aboriginal navigation vs cartographic navigation relevant for our understanding of mobility. The wi-fi

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Lift08 – Genevieve Bell on "Digital Deception"

Notes on the run… Genevieve Bell is an anthropologist with a Ph.D. from Stanford. Why an anthropologist at Intel’s? Well… There are at least 30 of them there! Intel seems to want to understand what kind of a specie humans

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Lift08 – Ewan McIntosh

Actually, it’s the same talk as he gave in Reboot in May. Still just as brilliant! About the online social skills of kids, their parents aren’t even aware of. The last renaissance was lead by a bunch of Scotts. The

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Lift08 – Stephanie Booth on OpenStage about Freelancing

Notes on the run… Steph shares her experience on going freelance and invites all the freelancers to Going Solo, her conference for freelances in March, in which she managed to invite Stowe Boyd as a speaker. Good luck!

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Lift08 – Jonathan Cabiria about Virtual Worlds

Jonathan Cabiria, whom I had the chance to meet at Lift last year, is a brilliant American psychologist and researcher. I quite enjoyed his talk since he brought social communities back to their evolutionary basics: “We come together to be

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Lift08 – Pierre Bellanger about social networking

Notes on the run… Pierre Bellanger, the founder of SkyRock (hence SkyBlogs), gave the second talk at Lift and share his vision of mobile social networking. I’m definitely no good at blogging notes on the run, by the time I’ve

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Lift08 – Opening Talk by Bruce Sterling

Notes on the run… Sci-fi author Bruce Sterling was in charge of the opening talk at Lift08. He wanted his keynote to be “punchy” and “focused”. He did mentioned Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, the US economic depression and Al-Quaeda, the global

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