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apophenia: Where HCI comes from (and where it might go) (…) HCI and its sister CSCW really were the beginnings of thinking about how people communicate in computer-mediated environments and it’s nice to see that history recounted. It’s nice to

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Smashing Coding » Liste quasi-complète des Api web 2.0 Almost comprehensive list of web2.0 apis (tags: web2.0 api)

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Why Google Apps is a Serious Threat to Microsoft Office (tags: google googledocs office) Physicist Neil Turok: Big Bang Wasn’t the Beginning Found via (tags: science bigbang)

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Free Tools» Blog Archive » Voki, un présentateur bavard sur votre site web widget to add a speaking persona on your website (tags: widget persona hmi ux webdesign) SEO advice: url canonicalization an article about canonic urls and how to

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123people All the information available on the web regarding a given person summarized on a single web page. Useful! Found via Stowe Boyd (tags: web2.0 numeric+identity) Déterminer l’à¢ge d’un site et tester son indexation Google Determine the age of any

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apophenia: Who clicks on ads? (Revisited with data) (tags: ads research) How Apple would communicate should they sell ham… Brilliant! (tags: Funny mac apple)

Eventually found my fairtrade shoes!

Remember my very first post on this blog? I was looking for fairtrade shoes in Lausanne… I’ve found them at last! (Though not in Lausanne… I’ve heard that the “Soeurs Boa” in Lausanne sell the whole range of BlackSpot models

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links for 2008-02-16

Etude sur l’usage de l’internet dans 13 pays européen à  fin 2007. – rMen’s blog Figures of the Internet in Austria + Eastern Europe Countries (tags: stats internet user-research) Will ManagedQ Be Disruptive to Search? – ReadWriteWeb (tags: google search

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YouSendIt – Send large files – transfer delivery – FTP Replacement Found via Vincent Faivre (tags: filesharing sharing storage file p2p)

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NuConomy Announces the Death of the Page View Measuring the user’s engagement to understand his/her behaviour, expectations, commitment and loyalty instead of simply counting the hits. Sounds promising! (tags: analytics statistics) LiquidPlanner Offers Online Project Management (tags: projectmanagement tools) [DESIMLOCKAGE]