Lift08 – Pierre Bellanger about social networking

Notes on the run…

Pierre Bellanger, the founder of SkyRock (hence SkyBlogs), gave the second talk at Lift and share his vision of mobile social networking.

I’m definitely no good at blogging notes on the run, by the time I’ve created my post, fought with the wifi, my laptop, firefox and wordpress, read a couple of urgent e-mails, I’ve missed the whole introduction of the talk… Very interesting, nevertheless… The main point: “The future of social networking is mobile”, in short, your whole numerical identity and online existence online will depend on your cellphone (and on your telco operators?)

A few quotes for future reflexion:

Social Networks are to the Mail What the Search Engines are to the Web

The network changes us: Netamorphosis

The social network is the future of telecommunications

S.O.S for “Social OS”. Unfortunately, the acronym is already in use for another purpose.

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