Month: February 2008

links for 2008-02-12

Singularity Singularity is the first large-scale online web conference in the world. (tags: conference web2.0)

links for 2008-02-10

JQuery Corner Demo rounded corners in jquery. Found via Bogdan (tags: ajax css development webdesign jquery) – All around design surfer Free vector graphics, silhouettes and vector icons, graphic design and best designers. Download illustrations, styles, shapes & brushes

links for 2008-02-09

NET GRANNY 1. Choose the grandma 2. Choose the socks she will knit for you 3. Pay 4. Receive. Why not? Found via “Capitaine Commerce” (tags: e-commerce handmade web2.0 granny funny) Your Speedy Proxy web proxy: provide a generic us

links for 2008-02-08

Micropole-Univers s’intéresse au dialogue social via le Web 2.0 – Actualités SSII – Le Monde Informatique Found via Jérôme Bailly (tags: MU cross web2.0)

Lift08 – Next Nature Mieke Gerritzen

Unexisting notes, sorry… From Mieke Gerritzen‘s keynote . Actually, I just posted this so that Anto can watch the video. Pups, au fait 🙂

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Lift08 – Kevin Warwick

Notes on the run of the talk by the cybernetician Kevin Warwick. Just 2 words to say that this is the probably the craziest thing I have ever seen! During the talk, I had the feeling I was witnessing the

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Lift08 – Thursday PM

Won’t be attending this afternoon. Too much work waiting for me at the office. I’ll try and make it to the fondue though.

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Lift08 – Express notes on Paul Dourish

Paul Dourish (UC Irvine) On interaction between ethnography and design. (really experiencing trouble with wi-fi, firefox and wordpress 🙁 ) In short: ethnography IS relevant for design. Aboriginal navigation vs cartographic navigation relevant for our understanding of mobility. The wi-fi

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Lift08 – Genevieve Bell on "Digital Deception"

Notes on the run… Genevieve Bell is an anthropologist with a Ph.D. from Stanford. Why an anthropologist at Intel’s? Well… There are at least 30 of them there! Intel seems to want to understand what kind of a specie humans

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Lift08 – Ewan McIntosh

Actually, it’s the same talk as he gave in Reboot in May. Still just as brilliant! About the online social skills of kids, their parents aren’t even aware of. The last renaissance was lead by a bunch of Scotts. The

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