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Enorme! Extrait d’une interview de notre Conseiller Fédéral Moritz Leuenberger dans L’Hebdo du 19 mars 2009: L’Hebdo: Internet va finir par tuer la presse imprimée. Non? Moritz: Je le conteste. Se balader avec L’Hebdo dans la main, c’est comme porter …

L'avenir de la presse écrite, selon Moritz Leuenberger Read More »

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Triste illustration de l’absence de dialogue entre responsables éditoriaux et commerciaux? Sinistre absence d’éthique fondamentale? Ou peut-être juste utilisation d’un logiciel dépourvu de bon sens primaire, n’imaginant pas que la première et la 4e page de couverture peuvent se retrouver …

Club Med, tous les bonheurs du monde à … Gaza! Read More »

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This incredible 50 minutes video goes in depth into the mechanisms of money creation, the role of debt, and, enventually, how and why each of us (and all our institutions!) are ultimately enslaved to banks. A must-see! Via le Blog …

Money as a debt Read More »

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Just stumbled on this via while reading my daily feeds. Now… That really speaks to me: a film made by collective forces for the collectivity to make things actually change. The idea is just so inspiring… It makes me …

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Hi, I just signed an urgent petition calling on the Chinese government to respect human rights in Tibet and  dialogue with the Dalai Lama. This is really important, and I thought you might want to take action: After nearly …

Stand with Tibet – Support the Dalai Lama Read More »

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Hey blog, I did say I would try and post something at least once in a week… Well that’s not it, is it? I’ve just finished listening to the Daniel N Robinson’s brilliant lectures on “The Great Ideas of Philosophy” …

Gross Domestic Product: we are treating the planet as a business in liquidation Read More »

Remember my very first post on this blog? I was looking for fairtrade shoes in Lausanne… I’ve found them at last! (Though not in Lausanne… I’ve heard that the “Soeurs Boa” in Lausanne sell the whole range of BlackSpot models …

Eventually found my fairtrade shoes! Read More »

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Unexisting notes, sorry… From Mieke Gerritzen‘s keynote . Actually, I just posted this so that Anto can watch the video. Pups, au fait 🙂

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Notes on the run of the talk by the cybernetician Kevin Warwick. Just 2 words to say that this is the probably the craziest thing I have ever seen! During the talk, I had the feeling I was witnessing the …

Lift08 – Kevin Warwick Read More »

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Won’t be attending this afternoon. Too much work waiting for me at the office. I’ll try and make it to the fondue though.

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