Moving on…

After nearly 5 years at the head of our company, Adaptive Studios, my partner and I have decided to move on to something else. Running a company, even the tinyest one, implies a fair deal of commercial and administrative skills (finding new clients, accounting, social insurances, …). We’re definitely not good at this stuff, and we’d rather be able to focus on what we are really good at. So we’ve discussed it over and over and eventually made up our decision: game over!

So… I’m looking for a new job. Either as a contractor (the structure of our company will keep existing for a few weeks) or as a part- or full-time employee.

Just in case, here is my mini-resume:

  • 9-year experience in large web projects;
  • good at making things seem simple, even when they are very complex;
  • good at getting the technical-people, the clients and the users understand each other;
  • versatile & multi-tasking with high standards;
  • fluent in French, English and Romanian;

I can be operational immediately on almost any kind of project, as a:

  • web designer, information architect, user experience consultant
    for Intranet, e-commerce, communities, or web2.0 projects;
  • business analyst, technical analyst
    (modelling of business flows, databases, use cases, writing of specification documents);
  • project manager, coordinator, facilitator
    (PM, workshops, user research, card-sorting, …) ;
  • CMS specialist
    (magnolia, jahia, communiqué, wordpress, os-commerce, and plenty others);
  • Web developer
    (php, jsp, asp, ajax, javascript, css, xhtml, others…);
  • Web marketing consultant
    (positioning/brand awareness survey, seo strategy)
  • webmaster;

I shall update my “about” page and post my full resume as soon as I have 2 minutes.

My “about page” is up-to-date and my resume and stuff are available.

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