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Free Tools» Blog Archive » ColorBlender, créez votre palette de couleur en 3 clicks de souris Create your own pallet online in 2 clicks (tags: free color colorschemer) Voting Experiment: Google Sneezed but Keep Your Pants On Google voting experiment:

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Triangles tout sur les triangles, avec applets animées (tags: maths leo) Interface Research in short, take a few minutes to help designers decide where to put the buttons. Found via Fred Cavazza (tags: usability interface webdesign survey research ui)

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A Compendium of 150 Monty Python Sketches | dooce ® the title says it all… (tags: humour funny Monty+Python)

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DIY User Research :: My BarCamp Presentation Lisa Reichelt’s DIY User Research condensed methodology: why, when and how. Brilliant! (tags: ucd uc methodology user-research) disambiguity – » Design Ethics – Encouraging responsible behaviour handling Confidential Information implies, first of all,

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Testez facilement le design de votre site dans différents navigateurs (tags: webdesign testing cross-browser-compatibility) Smashing Coding » Plus de 140 tutos et scripts Ajax pour les webdevs free ajax scripts (tags: ajax development) Internet Explorer sur MacOS X? (tags: webdesign

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ColorSchemer | Create matching color schemes at the click of a button clour matching application. Desktop or online. Generate a pallet for your website in 2 clicks (tags: color webdesign tools colorschemer)

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Free Tools» Blog Archive » Plugin jQuery – Tri de tableau A free plugin to sort html tables with ajax in jquery (the plugin comes with a whole jquery framework) (tags: jquery ajax free) Free Tools» Blog Archive » Ext

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RoopleTheme | We Make Drupal Easy! Demos ad tutorials for drupal (tags: drupal) Simple Tags – Plugins for WordPress 2.3 – Extend management of tags – Simple and Powerfull | Here With Me template tags for wordpress 2.3 tags (tags:

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WordPress : Un plugin pour gérer le déménagement de votre blogue This plugin helps you not to loose your ranking when your url’s change (tags: wordpress plugin) On demande » Une campagne contre les armes Kill the Gun One second

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