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    Staff directories benefit from cross-linking

    Written by James Robertson, published September 11th, 2008

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    Staff directories (internal phone directories) can be much more than just a way of looking up contact numbers. In any large or complex organisation, they can also provide a way of ‘navigating’ through the relationships between staff, business units and locations.
    Examples of where cross-linking is valuable include:

    * people «> locations
    * locations «> services
    * locations «> meeting rooms
    * people «> business units
    * people «> teams
    * teams «> team members
    * projects «> people
    (via IntraTeam)

  • Survey results and key-findings:
    1. Include more than just phone numbers
    2. Provide an effective quick search
    3. Deliver a dynamic organisational chart
    4. Provide self-service capability
    5. Usability test the staff directory
    6. Ensure the staff directory can be printed
    7. Include all staff
    8. Provide extensive cross-linking

    (via Intrateam)

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