Month: December 2009

Amazon: Kindle Store (tags: amazon kindle catalogue iphone)

Android Audiobook App Released by OverDrive | Android Community (tags: android audiobook apps)

Firefox freezes or hangs computer: fixed! & backing up Firefox – A Consuming Experience Worked for me 🙂 (tags: firefox howto)

one hundred push ups … in 6 weeks… (tags: workout sport pushups)

((o)) openwifi organization ((o)) openwifi, c'est quoi? Se connecter à  internet au travers d'un rĂ©seau wifi, ce n'est pas toujours facile. Certains rĂ©seaux semblent prometteurs: bonne rĂ©ception, pas de cadenas indiquant qu'ils sont fermĂ©s; d'ailleurs, votre ordinateur ou votre iPhone …

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Trends: 2010 Content Technology Predictions 1) Enterprise Content Management and Document Management will go their separate ways 2) Faceted search will pervade enterprise applications 3) Digital Asset Management vendors will focus on SharePoint integration over geographic expansion 4) Mobile will …

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Brizzly / alanvonlanthen multiple-user twitter & facebook client (tags: twitter facebook microblogging socialnetworking free tools)

BBC Radio iPhone Streams with the fStream application ( (tags: bbc iphone live streaming radio) define: Brand Definitely worth reminding… (tags: brand marketing design) Top 50 des pages Facebook (en HTML) Coca Cola …

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Forecast: Online Will Take More Ad Dollars Than Newspapers By 2015 | paidContent via media+tech (tags: advertising internet trends stats 2015) Facebook sur Google : 100+ millions de pages maintenant indexée instantanément (tags: google facebook realtime+search realtime+web)

Sociabliz Demographer – Facebook Population Localized Facebook stats (tags: facebook statistics tools stats web2.0 socialmedia)