Month: February 2010

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Gartner’s Top 5 CRM Predictions For 2010, Social Apps are Key 1. Facebook's Global Position By the end of the year Facebook will be the principal social network in all but 25 countries across the globe. However, there will be

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Twitter Hits 50 Million Tweets Per Day (tags: statistics trends socialmedia twitter traffic) Qui sont les possesseurs d'iPhone en France ? – Journal du Net e-Business (tags: france statistics iphone mobile_internet demographics) 5 Tips to Keep Online Meetings Moving –

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Change management for intranet 2.0 by Intranet Insider Blogs on Communitelligence Here are 5 steps for intranet 2.0 change management planning: 1- Intranet governance model (if you don’t have an explicit, documented governance model for the overall intranet, you’re going

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Gallery – Weightlifting ants and crafty crows – Image 1 – New Scientist (tags: science photos) 5 Websites To Play Music Matching Your Mood AUPEO! MeeMix Moodstream Stereomood Musicovery Haven't tried them out yet, but I'm a little skeptical… I'm

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Olbers' paradox why the sky's dark at night eventhough there are bright stars everywhere… via @doctorkarl (tags: physics science reference)

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How Newspapers Can Charge for Content – Articles – "what we want is news, not newspapers!" (tags: newspapers media print payforcontent) NipTech for English speakers Where the devil does he find the time to translate all this into English??

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Top 10 Free Ways To Discover New Music Online TuneGlue Music-Map Music Roamer Bloson Zune One Track Mind The Hype Machine TheSixtyOne OurStage PureVolume Hadn't even remotely heard of any of them but zune… (tags: music recommendation resources) StoryB.xml I

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Haiti: A Creditor, Not a Debtor Naomi Klein: "Our debt to Haiti stems from four main sources: slavery, the US occupation, dictatorship and climate change. These claims are not fantastical, nor are they merely rhetorical. They rest on multiple violations

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The Big Blog Theory The Science behind the Sitcom. Awesome!! via @bcurdy (tags: popular+science popularizing science tv tbbt) > Evolutions des modes graphiques depuis 5 et 10 ans Evolution of major Internet brands websites over 10 years: Adobe, Amazon,

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DNA 2.0: A new operating system for life is created – life – 14 February 2010 – New Scientist A new way of using the genetic code has been created, allowing proteins to be made with properties that have never