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  • Social Media: B2B vs. B2C
    Maintained company-related profiles on social networks:
    B2B: 81%
    B2C: 67%

    Participate in Twitter:
    B2B: 75%
    B2C: 49%

    Host blog/s:
    B2B: 74%
    B2C: 55%

    Monitor brand mentions:
    B2B: 73%
    B2C: 55%

    Engage in discussions:
    B2B: 66%
    B2C: 43%

    Participate in Q&A sites such as Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn, forums:
    B2B: 59%
    B2C: 44%

    Upload content (social objects) to Social Networks:
    B2B: 50%
    B2C: 32%

    Manage a community dedicated to customers or prospects:
    B2B: 49%
    B2C: 51%

    Monitor/support user ratings and reviews:
    B2B: 49%
    B2C: 51%

    Produce Webinars or podcasts:
    B2B: 46%
    B2C: 22%

    Advertise on social networks:
    B2B: 42%
    B2C: 54%

    Utilize social bookmarking sites such as delicious and digg:
    B2B: 38%
    B2C: 21%

    Employee recruiting:
    B2B: 36%
    B2C: 27%

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