links for 02/05/2011

  • Lift 11 videos, available next week

    tags: #lift11

  • Internet a transformé le monde profondément et a modifié nombre de nos activités, privées ou professionnelles. Ce blog essaie d’observer ces changements et leurs conséquences. Il porte un regard plus particulier sur le domaine culturel et s’intéresse notamment au thème du musée virtuel.

    tags: internet trends usages 2.0 switzerland

  • Project Dreamschool is an open inivtation to everyone to share their ideas, thoughts and insights on what the dream school of today and tomorrow would be. What would it look like? What are the methods? Who are the teachers? Is a dream school still a school? What is your dreamschool?

    tags: #lift11 @happykamping

  • Hasan Elahi, Giving away your privacy to escape the US terrorist watch list.

    tags: #lift11 privacy FBI

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