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  • Expressions and Declarations in C++ Programming
    To perform a calculation in the C=++ program you need and expression. An expression is a statement that has both a value and a type. In the C++ program, a declaration is statement that defines a variable or it’s a “holding tank” for some sort of value like a number or character.
    Expressions take one of the following forms:
    objName // for a simple object
    operator expression // for unary operators
    expr1 operator expr2 // for binary operators
    expr1 ? expr2 : expr3 // for the ternary operator
    funcName([argument list]); // for function calls
    Declarations use both intrinsic and user-defined types. The intrinsic types are
    [<signed | unsigned >]char
    [<signed | unsigned >]wchar_t
    [<signed | unsigned>] [<short | long | long long>] int
    [long] double

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