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Gmail et la recherche par langue Search archived e-mails by language in gmail (tags: gmail) Eye-tracking et webdesign : quelques enseignements à  tirer de différentes études (tags: eyetracking webdesign) Convertir une image bitmap en image vectorielle avec VectorMagic Convert bitmap

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List Subpages Plugin for WordPress · Dagon Design This WordPress plugin generates a list of subpages for the page being viewed (tags: wordpress plugin) A Complete Tune-Up for Your Ailing Computer«Free « Web Worker Daily “You know the routine. That

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the Idea Shower » » Read it Later – Firefox Extension BETA Keep this post for later… (tags: firefox plugin) Swiss – the way to great bargains! (tags: expat) 2212.pdf (Objet application/pdf) liste des programmes du téléréseau lausannois avec

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Do Canonical Web Designs Exist? – Bokardo interesting note about “graphic design” vs “interaction design” (tags: webdesign graphic design) Travailleurs Du Web » Blog Archive » TIM: The Incredible Machine version Web link to an e-commerce page on which the

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Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade (tags: Shopping handmade web2.0 e-commerce community)

Boris Cyrulnik in Lausanne

The famous French ethologist, neurologist and psychoanalyst, Boris Cyrulnik was giving a public lecture, in Lausanne, last Friday evening (Nov. 9, 07) on behalf of the Eben-Hezer Foundation. First of all I was quite impressed with the queue of people

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Media sites using Drupal | (tags: drupal) Cinq clés pour optimiser son taux de conversion (tags: e-commerce e-marketing design)

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amiando – simply invite. Send free online invitations with amiando or open a ticket shop and start your own online presale (tags: paypal)

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FireShot – Realisez tous vos screenshot à  partir d’une extension Firefox (tags: Firefox) Free Kareem! Campaign to free the Egyptian Blogger Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman (tags: blogs religion internet-censorship) Website Health Check Tool : Seo (tags: SEO)

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JLearnItME – A free multilingual dictionary for mobile phones Free java mobile dictionary (tags: mobile dictionary java) Free Java, Symbian, Palm and Pocket PC Software Freeware Mobile java applications (tags: free mobile java) » Une nouvelle définition de l’Entreprise