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  • “Action verbs in action
    So next time you update your CV, consider using some of these verbs to bring your successes front and centre. For example, instead of writing that you managed a team, try verbs such as ‘directed’, ‘guided’, ‘motivated’, ‘recruited’ or ‘united’. I.e. ‘I united and motivated a team of five underperformers. After one year our customer service scores had increased 55%.’

    Rather than stating you have strong communication skills, use verbs like ‘wrote’, ‘published’, ‘edited’ or ‘swayed’.

    As opposed to writing that you have good organisation skills, try ‘facilitated’, ‘programmed’, ‘coordinated’, ‘allocated’ or ‘arranged’.

    And rather than writing that you always achieved your target goals, try ‘reached’, ‘surpassed’ or ‘accomplished’.

    Here’s are some action words to help you bring your achievements to life on your CV:

    Examples of action verbs
    Demonstrate your creativity: built, crafted, devised, implemented, pioneered, initiated, established

    Demonstrate your efficiency: enhanced, advanced, capitalised, maximised, leveraged, improved

    Demonstrate your leadership skills: headed, coordinated, executed, managed, operated, organised

    Demonstrate improvements made: refined, remodelled, strengthened, upgraded, transformed

    Demonstrate your management skills: guided, fostered, motivated, recruited, enabled, united

    Demonstrate bottom line contributions: reduced, decreased, consolidated, saved, yielded, increased

    Demonstrate overall achievements: awarded, exceeded, outperformed, surpassed, earned, granted”

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