links for 03/21/2014

  • Dave Kerpen :
    1. Embrace change vs. Fear change
    2. Want others to succeed vs. Secretly hope others fail
    3. Exude joy vs. Exude anger
    4. Accept responsibly for your failures vs. Blame others for your failures
    5. Talk about ideas vs. Talk about people
    6. Share data & info vs. Hoard data & info
    7. Give people all the credit for their victories vs. Take all the credit from others
    8. Set goals and life plans vs. Do not set goals
    9. Keep a journal vs. Say you keep a journal but don’t
    10. Read every day vs. Watch TV every day
    11. Operate from a transformational perspective vs. Operate from a transactional perspective
    12. Continuously learn vs. Fly by the seat of your pants
    13. Compliment others vs. Criticize others
    14. Forgive others vs. Hold a grudge
    15. Keep a “To-Be” list vs. Don’t know what you want to be
    16. Have Gratitude vs Don’t appreciate others and the world around you. “

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