links for 12/31/2013

  • “FeedWordPress is an open-source Atom/RSS aggregator for the WordPress blog publishing platform. You set up feeds that you choose, and FeedWordPress syndicates posts from those sources into your WordPress posts table, where they can be displayed by your WordPress templates like any other post — but with additional meta-data, so that your templates can properly attribute the post to the source it came from.

    FeedWordPress was originally developed because I needed a more flexible replacement for Planet to use at Feminist Blogs. You can use FeedWordPress to create aggregator (Planet) sites that bring together posts from many different sources, using the WordPress templating engine to display posts from all around the web. Or you can use it to bring together all your online activity from your blog, Twitter, Flickr, or other online services, into a Lifestream with all your online activity in one place.

    FeedWordPress is designed with flexibility, ease of use, and ease of configuration in mind. You’ll need a working installation of WordPress or WordPress MU (version 3.0 or later), and also FTP or SFTP access to your web host. You don’t need to tweak any plain-text configuration files and you don’t need access to shell or crontab on your web host to make it work. (Although, I should mention, web hosts that don’t offer shell access and cron jobs are bad web hosts.)”

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