links for 04/05/2012

  • via @pierrekerner (who else? 😉 )
    Ento is a roadmap for introducing edible insects to the Western diet. It is the outcome of a project undertaken by a team of four postgraduate students from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London who wanted to tackle the growing issue of food supply in an increasingly hungry world. Motivated by the failings of the livestock industry, as well as the environmental and nutritional benefits of insects, the team wanted to see how this provocative new food source could be introduced to Western diets. The project is about driving cultural change through understanding human perceptions, using strategic design thinking, as well as through creating innovative and compelling experiences.

    tags: entomophagy 7billion ps78 insects

  • Live google map of Swiss trains. Kind of cool. Via @kendakenda

    tags: swiss train spotting trainspotting switzerland cff google map googlemaps

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