links for 04/14/2011

  • The Grid editor is a veritable timetable where programme slots (news, morning programmes, etc) are modelled for a given period. The sequence of programmes is detailed step-by-step, models or steps are inserted, times are defined as fixed or floating, mode of start (automatic, manual, with extra time allowed, etc).Recurrent sounds such as programme jingles are set directly in the grid, so they do not need to be loaded for each new schedule. Once the grid has been defined, it can be used throughout the given period, and will accept either temporary or permanent modifications at any time. Once modelled, the grid is used to automatically generate the template of new playlist. For greater flexibility of use, the Radio-Assist 8 version can now be used to insert meta-data (information related to a programme, files, etc.).

    tags: netia grid management software

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