links for 2010-03-08

  • 1. Modernize and socialize your site to complement the experience visitors expect
    2. Optimize the site and all social objects for traditional, social, and real-time search
    3. Create meaningful and personable social profiles where consumers are active today (also pay attention to where they will be tomorrow)
    4. Establish an editorial calendar to produce and distribute relevant content for each and every network
    5. Add social connectivity to the home site to facilitate maximum engagement – eradicate proprietary login systems
    6. Integrate social sharing functionality at the source of engagement – keep them on the page
    7. Enable the social syndication of that content within one step
    8. Manually introduce content and social objects to stakeholders and social beacons
    9. Create paths that define and engender the experience you desire with destinations and calls to action integrated to close the loop
    10. Monitor the activity and find ways to improve the experience and also sharing

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