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  • Janet Radcliffe Richards (1944- ) is a British feminist philosopher and bioethicist. She reads bioethics and is Director of the Centre for Bioethics and Philosophy of Medicine at University College London, is the author of several books, papers and articles, and has sat on a variety of advisory and working committees in areas of philosophy and bioethics. She is also a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics and posts regularly at the University of Oxford’s Practical Ethics: Ethical Perspectives on the News website. At present, her name often arises in articles and discussions on organ transplantation, in particular the idea of a legitimate organ trade. Her identification with feminism and her focus on bioethics both occurred [by accident] during the writing of her first book, The Sceptical Feminist: A philosophical enquiry (Routledge, 1980; Penguin, 1982) – bioethics being central to the abortion debate.

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