Francioli & Bourquin: les nouveaux monstres

If you’re in Lausanne and want to hear something really special, amazing sounds and effects, a string bass that sometimes sounds like Dave Gilmour‘s guitar, all this performed by two crazy old musicians whose imagination and youth has got nothing to envy from the younger generations, then I highly recommend a short-stop at theater 2.21 for little-over-an-hour of pure wonder by Léon Francioli and Daniel Bourquin, aka “Les nouveaux monstres“.

These guys are mad. In the same minute, they take you from horrific experimental squeaking attempts of sounds to the most lyrical melody with the magical sound of a – brilliantly played by Daniel Bourquin- tenor sax and the smooth accompaniment, with  a very round and colourful sound, of Léon Francioli’s grand piano.

That music, composed and arranged by Léon Francioli, enters no category I’ve known so far, unless something like psycho-experimental-jazz-somewhat-pink-floydish-somewhat-astor-piazzolish exists 😉

They’re still on until tomorrow evening.

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