Month: April 2009

Les principaux usages de Twitter pour l'entreprise: – push de messages, – génération de trafic, – organisation (sic!), – dialogue avec clients et prospects, – veille (tags: twitter trends enterprise2.0) Quantum entanglement – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: science physics …

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15 sites incontournables sur l'écriture pour le web et les blogs | Presse-Citron (tags: editorial blog writing seo) Intranet 2.0 Global Survey Results by Intranet Insider Blogs on Communitelligence * 43% have intranet blogs (10% enterprise deployment); 11% have no …

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Now You Can Change What Google Says About You (tags: google social identity e-reputation privacy)

Your intranet on a wiki :: Blog :: Headshift (tags: wiki enterprise2.0 intranet)

Le e-commerce progresse encore… mais moins vite (tags: e-commerce trends) [fr] Adictiz, le réseau social des marques (tags: brand2.0 e-reputation) How To Learn Something at the Bus Stop: WikiHow Comes to the iPhone (tags: iphone wiki wikihow) Quorum sensing – …

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YouTube – EDU via OpenCulture (tags: education youtube video learning university lectures stanford Harvard mit yale)

FREELANG – Happy Birthday in all languages @ Jérôme: la mulÅ£i ani! (tags: language birthday)

Micro-Blogging Meets Micro-Payments, Courtesy Of Tipjoy’s API Social micro-payments enabler Tipjoy is releasing an API today that allows charities but also companies and individuals to handle relatively small payments from within their applications and spread the word through Twitter. Via …

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answer to life the universe and everything – Recherche Google Q.E.D. Brilliant! Google = deep thought. (tags: google google+tools 42 douglas+adams ultimate+question) Une époque formidable …. ou terrifiante? (tags: trends internet)

Manage Your Various Online Identities With – Content Hub and Identity Management Platform – via (tags: online+identity identity socialnetworking openid)