Month: May 2009

links for 2009-05-29

Facebook peut-il réussir son pari ? Peut-être! | Facebook en 2009 = Second Life en 2007 ? (tags: facebook trends) Google Wave: Google Tries to Reinvent Email (tags: google gmail wave web2.0 e-mail communication)

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The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard (tags: environment video stuff green activism sustainability consumption) Intranet Blog :: The intranet's role during a recession The global financial crisis, spreading recession, financial market correction « whatever the moniker turns your crank

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Slashdot | Is Good Scientific Journalism Possible? (tags: science journalism science+journalism epistemology)

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Visible Banking – Social Media, People First (April 2009) Social Media in the bank industry. Via Entreprise Globale (tags: web2.0 social+media banking) – incitateur de bien-être PROGRAMME DU FESTIVAL (19-21 juin 2009) (tags: François+Vé Marc+Aymon K concert sustainable+dev green)

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Shakespeare on the iPhone | Open Culture (tags: self-learning audiobooks openculture iphone ebooks) 100 Best iPhone Apps for Serious Self-Learners | Open Culture (tags: self-learning audiobooks openculture iphone ebooks) ReadWriteWeb Events Guide, 16 May 2009 – ReadWriteWeb weekly roundup of

links for 2009-05-16

L'ergonomie de 10 fiches produits sur Journal du Net Comment les sites marchands agencent-ils les nombreuses informations qui doivent figurer sur une fiche produit ? Véronique Renault, consultante ergonome à  Benchmark Group (éditeur du JDN), en analyse dix. (tags: e-commerce ergonomics

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Is the Growth Of The Web Slowing Down Or Just Taking A Breather? There are now 231.5 million Websites according to Netcraft. But last year the number of new sites added to the Web slowed down to 29.9 million, from

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User-Driven Companies – start from the inside (tags: user+centric user+driven trends collective+intelligence) Going with the flow: whither enterprise RSS? :: Blog :: Headshift (tags: enterprise2.0 enterprise rss trends analysis) Newsgator publishes whitepaper on ROI for enterprise social tools :: Blog