Month: September 2008

canaldiscmusique – CD, Single, Maxi, DVD CD shop, Swiss artists, free shipping (tags: music cd e-commerce swiss)

Enterprise Micro Sharing Tools Found via Headshift (tags: microblogging twitter enterprise enterprise2.0)

Web sémantique + Social network = FOAF | (tags: semantic+web socialnetworking FOAF)

EtudeBlogs2008.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Relations marques / blogueurs, tous les chiffres… Trouvé via? Je ne sais déjà  plus 🙁 désolé… (tags: blog brand brand2.0)

Religion and Web Technology, Part 2: Shalom Hartman Institute (tags: web2.0 religion)

Social software – the basics | Jon Mell – Web 2.0 ideas and strategy Entreprise 2.0 – Back to the basics. Found via Headshift (tags: enterprise2.0 web2.0 socialnetworking)

Oosah, 1To de stockage gratuit ! (tags: storage space free)

My DebugBar | IETester / HomePage Found via (tags: multiple+ie ie5 ie6 ie7 ie8 explorer tools testing) Have multiple IP configurations? Manage them with NetSetMan. (tags: multiple+ip dhcp tools) Hatebook « Welcome to Hatebook A social network for anti-social …

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Report: Nearly 70% of Businesses Allow Social Media Usage (tags: web2.0 enterprise socialnetworking research) Drudge Report: News Site That Sends Readers Away With Links Has Highest Engagement (tags: newspapers strategy online seo analytics bounce_rate journalism traffic engagement research)

Cogenz | Enterprise Social Bookmarking Taking enterprise social bookmarking behind the firewall (tags: web2.0 social_bookmarking enterprise2.0 enterprise intranet) SocialText The center of the article is a list, developed by INSEAD’s Morton Hansen, of 10 statements to diagnose an organization’s readiness …

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