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  • Indeed, I've also been wondering… I can conceive of almost any company being silly enough not to provide a search engine to browse in a catalogue of over 55'000 entries, but google??
    So, in short, the 3 alternatives that do provide a search engine:
  • (…) Booking a meeting room, finding an expert, assembling a new team, finding the right training, buying something; on a typical intranet, each of these tasks is often a Kafkaesque experience. Why is that?

    It comes down to lack of leadership from the top. It also comes down to the fact that a great many managers have nothing but contempt for their employees' time. Or to be more precise, they feel absolutely no need to make their employees' work lives any easier.

    If you make it faster and easier for employees to do things you make them more productive and happier in their jobs. It hurts morale when the work environment is badly designed. An intranet can help an organization become more productive, competitive and unified. (…)

  • Isnt' this a win-win deal? "It has been found that for a typical organization, moving from average to exceptional employee satisfaction levels results in a 3.8% increase in revenue growth."…
  • 'My Research News' is a portal to advert free, real time streaming news about the subject which you research. Below is a comprehensive list of all the streams available at the moment. Click on your research topic in the tables below, or search for your topic in the search box at the bottom. You can also search for keywords by simultaneously pushing 'ctrl' and 'f' ('apple' and 'f' on a mac). If we have not got your research topic listed, please let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page and we'll put it up asap (…)
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  • L’entreprise 2.0, c’est permettre à chacun, d’obtenir et d’échanger les informations les plus pertinentes, via le moyen le plus rapide, au meilleur prix, avec l’ensemble de son éco-système.

    C’est – pour ce faire – utiliser des outils permettant de s’échanger de bonnes informations. Ces outils sont des plateformes dites “sociales” : intranets, forums de discussion, blogs, sites collaboratifs, sites sociaux comme Viadéo et Facebook , etc etc pour interagir entre entrepreneurs, entre entreprises, entre clients, fournisseurs, partenaires, Grand Public.

    Le but d’une démarche “2.0″ pour la petite entreprise c’est collaborer, via son éco-système, en vue de partager des informations, processus et connaissances permettant à chacun : d’augmenter sa compétitivité, d’actualiser et d’affiner ses compétences dans certains domaines, de veiller le marché.

    Il s’agit même pour certains d’institutionnaliser ce que l’on fait déjà, sans trop le savoir, au quotidien (…)
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  • 1. Zero branding or go make an Ad instead
    2. Short and Sweet is what people like
    3. The first few seconds are extremely important
    4. Make the viewer insecure
    5. Entertain & Engage with the viewer emotionally
    6. Make it look amateurish, even if it weren’t
    7. Utilize the curiosity factor
    8. Test it on the most tasteless guy you know
    9. Its about the viewer, not your brand
    10. Leave a question unanswered at the end
    … And a bunch of inspiring examples…
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