links for 2010-05-13

  • Hey at last! I love the idea… And if it could also be available from abroad, that would be excellent… I hate being called a pirat when it is the only actual option that is offered to me, that’s what amazes me! I’m willing to pay for series and usually, because of geolocalized restrictions, I’m not allowed to… Hope this service solves the problem once and for all…
  • Prosopagnosia (sometimes known as face blindness) is a disorder of face perception where the ability to recognize faces is impaired, while the ability to recognize other objects may be relatively intact. The term originally referred to a condition following acute brain damage, but recently a congenital form of the disorder has been proposed, which may be inherited by about 2.5% of the population. The specific brain area usually associated with prosopagnosia is the fusiform gyrus. via @chrishemmens
  • solution designed to provide an assessment of a brand’s Facebook Page value and the effectiveness of its social media efforts. Via via @syde

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