links for 2009-01-04

  • The study evaluates the web programs of Americas top 100 newspapers:
    »Newspapers are experimenting with user generated content;
    »The number of newspaper websites allowing users to comment on articles has more than doubled in the last year;
    »10% (versus 5% in 2007) of newspapers have social networking tools;
    »76% percent of newspapers offer a [Most Popular] view of content (compares to 51% in 2007 and 33% in 2006;
    »100% of newspapers sites have some form of contextual advertising and 43% feature interstitial ads.
    »92% (vs 7% in 2006) of newspapers include external social bookmarking sites like Digg and;
    »57% offer PDF editions, 20% offer chatting options, 96% provide local weather information, 40% utilize SMS alerts and 70% offer community event calendars
    »Now only 11% of websites require registration to view full articles (compared to 29% in 2007 and 23% in 2006);
    »100% provide some type of RSS feed

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